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The student, as always, are not enough one night to have something to finish, to finish, to complete their education. As it is familiar to most of us, especially when writing and submitting course! And it’s not that we don’t want to learn, and just but one of the subject, there are other disciplines that also require enhanced training. And leaves the student for tomorrow, what you can donate then. And time is inexorably approaching. Literally the night before last a student puts in relief the last point in its course, hoping that the worst is behind us. But then he’s mistaken. To write a coursework is one thing, but protecting it is another. On the material of medium quality of course, if the teacher does not grasp the meaning of the text, to « excellent », for this you need to successfully present themselves and their course at the defense.

What you need to prepare?

  • So, you have one night to successfully defend. What will it take?
  • Course work.
  • Working mood.
  • Emotional mood.
  • Paper, pen.
  • Need to know their course

Let’s see the points. Course work , of course, you need in order for her to study and write my speech for the defense. Not knowing the contents of the course, you will not be able to write a speech. Of course, if you order writing term papers and speeches for the protection of the experienced players, you can with a clear conscience to learn that speech you wrote. But even in this case you have to navigate around in the contents of the work, because the teachers for the most part – people are curious and like to chat with a student on high themes. Imagine how you will grieve my teacher that I didn’t know his course, – for it is the most extreme sacrilege. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to risk it, so you can get the grade that you want, and not upset. So whether you want to or not, and the exchange rate will have to re-read.

Worker and emotional

Here you have a working mood. It can not good results. In addition to mood, need, and positive emotional state. Chase away depression, treat with humor to the situation, which turned out to be, and I don’t want someone to complain and feel sorry for yourself. First, you will lose this precious time and, secondly, feeling sorry for yourself, you will relax and will not be able to write a great speech, and whiny attitude will not get a good grade. Throw away any zalaldinov, get to work. Everything is ready for productive work?

Work on it for course

Once reviewed the main provisions of the course work and, in General, understand what it is, you need to try to make it. His speech to build on the material of the coursework, don’t forget to designate such favorite teachers as the relevance and purpose of tasks. Take the paper with a pen, write your report. After this writing (her writing will take you hours if you try), you need to … relax! Not watching TV, of course, and not engaging in chatter on the phone. Best holiday – dressed, shod, and half an hour to a Park to walk around, to wander around, get some fresh air (most importantly, not late at night, we did not have enough adventure). Came, ate lunch, and now we need to speech to read. It should take exactly the amount of time specified by the teacher. If you spend more time at risk to be stopped, then it will not be brought to its logical end, and you get confused. Another option – you still have plenty of time, and the teacher, glancing at the clock, think that you are ill-prepared, and will in addition a lot to ask. But we do not fit. Really? Therefore, we expect everything to the minute. Learned it? Just well done! Again rest she deserved. Within a few minutes is recommended to contemplate nature or from the window, or, at least, to find a beautiful picture on the theme of nature and look at it, imagine that you are in a forest, hear the birds singing, the creaking of trees, the noise of the wind. Such relaxation, as proven by Japanese scientists, it even improves memory. After that, find a mirror, preferably full length.

Practice in the mirror

Dress up as beautifully as planned tomorrow to go on the defense, and immediately yourself a cute smile. Smile, and now take your leaf to be safe and start talking. Ensure that your speech was not lost, was not similar to the burst – it’s scary unnerving others, particularly teachers. It is also not very slowly – chances are you’ll hear a chorus of sniffles in response, and it will not add points to the score. In General, choose the « Golden mean » – speak moderately fast, with expression, a smile, not motion. Practice in the mirror, see how you look while protecting. Then again, it is recommended to relax – well, not work, and a solid stay – why complain! After this I can go to bed. On defense you have to be fresh, rested, so that the brain can work at optimum mode.

The power of autosuggestion

In the morning you can repeat your text, say to yourself, « I am confident, will receive only a « 5 » and my defense everyone will like ». In General, do some self-hypnosis. After this training you need to obtain your five. For the future (and you will once diploma) advice is not to make a speech on the last night, write it in advance, or order in the same firm where you wrote the paper . The night before you will save time and nerves, and the preparation process is not delayed at midnight. Successful delivery of the session!

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